Monday, August 29, 2011

The Power of Six Book Review

Author: Pittacus Lore. Release date: 2011. Publisher:  HarperCollins. ISBN: 9780061974557.
Annotation:  John, Sam and Number Six are on the run after surviving the Mogadorian attack in Paradise.  Unsure of what the future holds, they desperately try to evade their enemies, and the authorities, while uncovering more of the secrets in their past on Lorien. Meanwhile, in Santa Teresa, Spain, Number Seven, a girl named Marina, must cope with an oppressive life in a Catholic orphanage, a life her guardian seems to have no desire to leave.       
Personal thoughts:  I have to admit, I almost didn’t want to read this book after being disappointed in the mediocre film adaptation of I Am Number Four. I know there is a whole backstory about the authors behind the series and how it was sort of “bred” to be made into a commercial franchise. I am happy that these thoughts didn’t stop me from picking up The Power of Six because I was very engrossed from start to finish. The novel is truly entertaining and surpasses I Am Number Four in many ways.  Perhaps it was the absence of the sappy romance between John and Sarah and, in its place, the perpetually butt-kicking Number Six. Perhaps it was the non-stop action and the constant forward motion of the plot. Whatever the cause, The Power of Six is a fun page-turner, and I will be certain to pick up the third installment in the series with gumption!
Plot summary: After Henri’s death and their narrow escape of the vicious Mogadorian attack in Paradise, John, or Number Four, his best friend Sam, Number Six and Bernie Kosar flee Ohio and go into hiding. Meanwhile in the small village of Santa Teresa, Spain, Number Seven, a seventeen-year-old girl named Marina, is stuck in an oppressive life in a Catholic orphanage. Her Cêpan, Adelina, seems to have forgotten about their mission to remain hidden as Marina’s Legacies develop, and Marina is left to discover her powers on her own. Looking for news of the other nine Loric children, Marina is constantly scanning the internet for unusual news stories that might point to their existence. She is shocked to learn about John, now deemed an international terrorist accused of destroying the high school in Paradise himself, and is convinced that he is a member of the Garde like her. Marina is also consumed by visions of a raven haired girl with extraordinary powers, someone who she has never met but who she knows plays an important part in her future. Back in America, John and Six continue to train even while living life on the run, working to hone their Legacies while training Sam how to fight in the process. But as John and Marina both continue to have visions of Mogadorian battles and mysterious figures, it seems that their fates are bound to collide sooner than they realize.
Review: This second installment in the popular Lorien Legacies series manages to surpass the adventure and action of the first, making for a sequel that is actually more enjoyable than I Am Number Four. While the first book was somewhat hampered by high school melodrama and over-attention to detail, The Power of Six moves right into the thick of things, making for a page-turner that is nearly impossible to put down. The addition of Number Seven, or Marina, and her life in a Spanish orphanage adds a great deal of depth and substance to the story. Instead of focusing solely on John, this novel shift to a dual voice makes it far more pleasing than the first installment. Added elements in the stories of Six and Sam also add to the fun. Overall, an enjoyable novel that is sure to be a popular addition to the series.
Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure
Reading level: Grade 7+
Similar titles: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.
Themes:  Aliens, danger, superpowers, duty, friendship.     
Awards/Reviews:  Positive reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, The Horn Book, Booklist, and Chicago Tribune.
Series Information: Second novel in Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore.   
Discussion questions:
- This story is told in a dual-voice. Do you prefer that method of story-telling over the single-voice in I Am Number Four?
- What do you think is the significance of each of the items in John’s Chest?
- Do you think it’s possible for John to love Sarah and like Six at the same time?
- How do you think the love triangle between John, Six and Sam will unfold in the next novel?
- Do you think Adelina truly gave up her mission to protect and teach Marina?
- What do you think of the character Ella? Héctor? Crayton? Who do you think has the most influence on Marina?
- What was your interpretation of what happened between Sarah and John?


  1. This book surpassed my expectations. Plus the romance between john and six was way better than the one with sarah! Cant wait for The Rise of Nine!!

  2. I agree, I was not a huge fan of Sarah's either. I hope the series continues to get better!