Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Million Suns Book Review

 Author: Beth Revis. Release date: 2012. Publisher:  Razorbill. ISBN: 9781595143983.
Annotation: Elder is now first-in-command on the Godspeed, and is intent upon giving the people more autonomy while attempting to discover a way to increase the speed of the ship’s engines. Amy is struggling more than ever to survive amongst the ship’s population who grow increasingly more suspicious of her and her relationship with their leader.    
Personal thoughts: I considered myself a fan of Across the Universe but, after reading A Million Suns in a matter of hours, now find that I’ve morphed into an uber-fan. I am so impressed with Beth Revis and what she has created with this series! Across the Universe was a very entertaining and satisfying novel, but, for me, A Million Suns took the trilogy to a whole other level. I absolutely did not anticipate all of the twists and turns in the story, and found my mind completely blown several times as I devoured this book. The most disappointing thing about this novel was the page at the very end that showed that the third book will not be released for an entire year. I will personally be chomping at the bit until January 2013 when I can find out what happens. If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy this stellar series yet, I suggest you start ASAP!
Plot summary: Following Eldest’s death and Orion’s capture in Across the Universe, Elder and Amy are now left with a ship full of people no longer under the sedating influence of Phydus. Although Elder has enlisted the help of the Godspeed’s population in solving the problem of the perpetually slowing engines, the people who before were content with working all day to sustain life onboard are now becoming more and more suspicious of the Eldest system, and Elder himself. Central to the problems Elder faces is Amy. Almost everyone on the Godspeed is convinced that she is to blame for the way things have begun to fall into disarray, leaving Amy unsure of who to trust and increasingly longing for the comfort of her still-frozen parents. Everything changes, however, when Amy begins to receive mysterious messages from Orion urging her to learn the truth about the ship. What is the secret that has been so carefully guarded for generations and how will the people of the Godspeed survive one it is revealed?   
Review:  This much-anticipated sequel to Beth Revis’ best-selling Across the Universe, accomplishes the rare task of surpassing its predecessor in almost every way possible. From character development to plot twists to suspense, A Million Suns is everything fans of the first novel were hoping for and so much more. It is difficult to describe exactly how the book manages to be so thoroughly entertaining without revealing too much of the story. What can be said is that there are many unexpected turn of events in the novel, events that test the characters in ways they weren’t in Across the Universe. Some characters that were only minor figures in the first novel take far greater roles in this story, making for many interesting opportunities to learn even more about the Godspeed. As central to A Million Suns as it was to Across the Universe is the ship itself.  Much more is revealed about the Godspeed, leaving the reader to wonder exactly where the author plans to take the story in the third novel, Shades of Earth, set to be released in January 2013. Overall, an excellent book in an excellent series that science-fiction fans young and old can easily enjoy.
Genre: Science-Fiction
Reading level: Grade 8+
Similar titles: Across the Universe by Beth Revis, Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan, A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan.   
Themes:  Space travel, spaceships, dystopian future, control, rebellion, revolution.
Awards/Reviews:  Sequel to best-selling novel.
Series Information: Second installment in Across the Universe trilogy. First novel, Across the Universe, published in 2011. Third novel, Shades of Earth, set to be released in January 2013.
Discussion questions: 
-  Do you think Elder did the right thing in taking the ship’s people off Phydus? Why or why not?
-   Why do you think the population of the Godspeed was so distrustful of Amy? 
-    What, in your opinion, was the biggest surprise in A Million Suns? Why?
-   What would you like to see happen in the third novel?


  1. I cant wait to read this book!! I finished Across the Universe tonight and I was instantly hooked on this series like a feeder on dope water! I wish I could answer some disscusion questions, but I havent read it yet! I cant wait to read the third book too!!

  2. I would try to get my hands on "A Million Suns" right away! It's excellent!